For thousands of years the Ficus has been growing in tropical and subtropical regions of this world. They can primarily be found in parts of Asia and Africa, but are also present in South-America and Australia. The true fig tree (Ficus Carica) has its origin in the Mediterranean and has had a prominent role in many ancient cultures. This is, however, not the only fig tree! Another famous member of the Ficus family is the rubber tree, also known as Ficus Elastica. In the earlier days, its milky-white sap was used to produce latex, which in turn is used to fabricate rubber. Nowadays the Elastica is only used as an ornamental plant, as more efficient means of producing rubber now exist. The species of Ficus you can find in homes and offices primarily originate from South-East Asia.

Species en sizes

There are only a number of breeds of plants that have produced so many new species over the last couple of years as the Ficus. In most homes and offices, you will find at least one Ficus. They come in all shapes and sizes, from circular- and pyramid shaped to hanging and climbing plants, the Ficus has them all. Despite all these variations there are a number of characteristics that all Ficus species share; the way they blossom, the shape of the fig fruit and the previously mentioned milky-white sap.