Frequently asked questions

This website gets a lot of questions about Ficus and Ficus Forever answers each question.

1. Why do the leaves of my Ficus fall?

Leaf fall is normal and especially in winter months. This is in the nature too. Ficus keeps on growing new leaves. However, too much leaf fall is not good. Most of the time, this is caused by too much or too little of watering. Most of the time the plant is kept wet which it cannot sustain. Furthermore, draught, temperature, habitat and nutrition have great influence on leaf fall. Therefore, read thoroughly our tending tips again.

2. Is the Ficus poisonous?

Up till now, there are no cases known of a Ficus poisoning people. Although it is known that the sap of the plant in some cases causes skin irritation. Consult your doctor in case of doubt.

Ficus can be more or less poisonous for birds, depending of the plant.

3. Can I prune the plant?

Indeed, you can prune Ficus. The best time to do so is spring or summer. Act as follows: You cut small pieces off branches that are too long (maximum 2  of the branch, as of the top). If you cut several branches off the plant (taking away totally 2 of the total leaf surface), you can water the plant a little bit during the first two weeks. Afterwards, you can water it carefully a little more.

4. How big will my Ficus get

That depends in part on the variety, but also on repotting. If you repot a plant, it tends to start growing. The way a plant is pruned also has a significant effect. 

5. How is the Ficus cultivated?

Ficus, with origins in the tropics, is cultivated in greenhouses. The cuttings are put in small pots. After the rooting, the plant is re-potted in a larger pot. Sometimes, this process might be repeated, depending on how big the plant is ultimately to be.

6. Can I place my Ficus on the terrace in the summer?

In principle, a Ficus can be put outside on the terrace in summer, though the outside temperature should be the minimal 16°C.

7. How much fertiliser should I use and how often?

To keep the indoor plants strong and sound, it is advisable to add nutrition to the water once in two weeks.

8. What is the right temperature for my Ficus?

Ficus is a tropical plant. It does not adapt to temperatures below 16°C. However, a maximum temperature of 30°C is no problem. (Remember that it needs more water at high temperatures).

Do you have more questions about Ficus besides these ones, mail to  and we give you an answer as soon as possible.