Ficus Tresor

The source of the Ficus

Go back to the source of the Ficus and you will find yourself in an oasis full of mysteries, the tropical rainforest. A majestic wealth of plants that demonstrates the true vital properties of wonderful unspoilt nature. In this context of a green world, Ficus Forever supports the Trésor Foundation. The Trésor Foundation is an initiative by Utrecht University to protect rainforests in South America. To this end, an area of virgin rainforest was purchased in French Guyana, which has now grown into a nature reserve covering over 2,450 hectares. Trésor is thereby an international model for the preservation of the rainforests.

Importance of the reserve

The Trésor reserve is home to a remarkable number of rare and endangered plants and animals such as the Corkscrew Arum, the Jaguar, the Puma and the Muriqui Monkey. The official status as a Regional Nature Reserve means that disruptions such as deforestation, gold extraction and hunting are prohibited in the Trésor reserve. During their work local staff discovered a remarkable plant here: the Ficus Trésor.

Ficus Trésor

Ficus guyanensis Trésor was grown in the Netherlands from seed originating from French Guyana. The Trésor Foundation found a partner for marketing this remarkable Ficus in the form of Ficus Forever. For every Ficus Trésor sold, the Trésor Foundation receives a donation from Ficus Forever. This means that a proportion of the money goes back to the source: the Trésor rainforest. The Trésor Foundation is supported by Utrecht University, various business sponsors (including Ficus Forever) and the WWF.

Plant with strong properties

The Ficus Trésor stands out with its robust and shiny foliage. But it also has a number of remarkable properties:

* tolerates a shady position
* does not shed its leaves
* purifies the air

Ficus Forever Stichting Trésor Universiteit Utrecht WNF

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